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Flickerwood Farms, Inc 

 3027 Larch Lane    

 Jackson, Missouri 63755



fax - 573.243.6714


Flickerwood Arena

3019 Larch Lane

Jackson, Missouri 63755



exit #105 off of I-55

then 3 miles north on W Outer Rd











available for rent

call 573.243.3876 for availability



stalls available with bedding & Electric RV hook-ups

showers available

stalls - $25/ night electric - $20 / night

call 573.243.3876 for reservations

Something to think about: -
The 2015 FTRB Season was completed this weekend as 
FTRB members competed for more than $13,000 in cash & prizes!  
Prizes were awarded to the top 3 competitors
in each Division of the Youth Barrels (photo to come)

Youth 3D Winners:  
           1D / 1st. Bailey Faries, 2nd - Allie Hampton, 3rd - Taylor Spruell                               2D / 1st. Kassy Govero, 2nd - Erin Weakley, 3rd - Macky Marler 
 3D / 1st. Emma Govero, 2nd - Mary Anna Allen, 3rd - Addie Ginder

Congrats to all the Youth 3D Award Winners!! 

                                         Youth & Open Barrel Racing Final Results are now posted!

FTRB Trophy buckles were awarded  to the top money earner 
Header & Heeler for the weekend.
Congrats to Steven Royer (rt)/ Header & Kolby Kreiger (lft)/ Heeler!!
pictured with Mark Boardman (center)


Welcome to Flickerwood Farms, Inc. & Flickerwood Arena! 


See us at Flickerwood Farms, Inc for horse & cattle feed and bedding for your

 horse  &/or other pets.  Both our shavings & our feed are very economical to use.


At Flickerwood Arena, you can rent bedded stalls & electric hook-ups nightly

if you are just passing through; OR many weeks throughout the year you can

 enjoy watching and/or participating in the many events hosted by Flickerwood Arena!


Check our calendar for a complete schedule of family FuN!

                      OCT 8 - A DAY of CELEBRATION

Oct 8, 2013, Flickerwood 
Farms suffered one of our 
worst nightmares – a devastating fire!  Within a matter of minutes, 
the physical parts of our 30 yr 
old business literally went up 
in smoke!    At first, we & our 
employees, customers and 
friends thought that it was the 
final chapter of Flickerwood 
Farms, Inc – but we soon realized that our GOD had other plans!!   
The following few days brought 
sense of ‘calm in the storm‘ &
firm resolve to re-build!  The 
next several months were very difficult, but through it all 
we felt extremely blessed 
(blessings we would NOT have experienced without the fire)!! Unfortunately, the weather did 
play havoc with our plans – but finally in March of 2014 we were able to begin construction & in 
June we began the production of shavings. 

We knew then, but can see it even more clearly now, that GOD

was truly behind the rebuild. Today, 2 years later, our business

is once again thriving.  As we celebrate the past & look forward 

to the future, we want to thank our friends & family for their 

love & support, we thank our customers for their patience & staying with us, but most of all we want to thank God for His Faithfulness, His Mercy & Love & HIS continued Blessings…


The 2nd FYR of the season is now behind us - 

the points are NOW posted & updated! 

Looking forward to the next one - Oct 31 - 

HALLOWEEN - you can decorate your horse 

and yourself!  You DO still have to wear western attire under the costume & please NO MASKS!!!

Just click on the Youth Rodeo Logo below to find

the points!!!

Ora Goines - WINNER of the drawing for the saddle 
graciously given away by Cape Co Cowboy Church!
Jim Matthews (pastor of Cape CO Cwboy Church) 
& Ora Goines (winner of saddle)  
As many of you may know, on Oct 8 the facilities at Flickerwood Farms, Inc. caught fire & burned to the ground.  As a result of this tragedy, parts of the Flickerwood Farms business have been temporarily suspended. Feed & trucking is still available & we plan to have baled wood shavings available with in 2 weeks.  Shaving manufacturing is planned to begin again early 2014. This shut down WILL BE temporary & will in NO WAY affect Flickerwood Arena or any of the events scheduled.  We appreciate you support & patience as we begin to re-build.

something to think about:


Horses...Youth Rodeo...Team Roping...Barrel Racing...

Have you ever given much thought to the long term effects

of participating in these 'Cowboy style activities'? 

Most of us haven't - we simply know that we love horses & enjoy

being in their presence - but, did you realize you are also

making a true lifestyle choice?  

...below is a link to a VERY worthwhile read!

Enjoy & think about...  

Hope you have had a chance to see the Dodge ad that aired during the Super Bowl, if not, we have 

it below!   Paul Harvey certainly had a way of eloquently stating what many of us feel about the

vocation of farming - it IS NOT just a job - IT IS A PRIVILEGE & A WAY OF LIFE!  Enjoy ...

& thank a FARMER when you have the opportunity!

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